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Lieve Stad: A KABA (2024)

We kicked off the Lieve Staf Festival, a collaboration between ITA and Meervaart. With the programming of Lieve Stad we try to shake up our theatres. We chose to explore 'the mental state of our city', challenging ourselves by centering care, rest and resilience in our festival. What would our theatres look like if we do this? How would they make us feel? And how would we use the space and interact with each other? We invited four amazing guest curators to make programmes that attempt to answer these questions: Amber Vineyard (on the 23rd), Massih Hutak (the 30th) and the opening on the 20th was curated by the visionary creative entrepreneurs Guillaume and Ghamte Schmidt.

Their program, called A Kaba, featured empowering, soothing and heartwarming contributions by: the Queen of Disco Juan Wells the super talented Djuwa Mroivili and Noell3, 4 the Culture brought the party to the party and there was a suprise appearance by Mocromaniac, Ondrofeni and Dj's Ezsri Jade and Ike Melchizedek who brought the house down. All of this happened under the generous guidance of Jennifer Muntslag. And of course Osso, an amazing play by Priscilla Vaudelle (with Frascati Productions and Suburbia ) starring Samantha Cherish, Zoe Livay, Erwin Kiene and Ayrton Kirchner.


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