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La Sirene (2023)

The Erasmus Huis Jakarta presents an interdisciplinary exhibition themed La Sirène. Many cultures pride themselves on a story of a powerful being that guards the oceans. And it turns out the Caribbean, Indonesia, the Netherlands and West Africa share a myth of a female entity, said to have the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish, defending their seas.

La Sirene is an interdisciplinary art project by Junadry Leocaria and Richard Kofi
La Sirene

The ocean is an endless archive of secrets from our past. Many communities around the world that depend on the sea for their livelihood and economy, share myths about the wisdom held in underwater worlds. The title 'La Sirène' refers to a Caribbean mythical being, that manifests as a beautiful woman with a fish's tale. She lives at the border between the ordinary and the magical maritime and is the keeper of its hidden wisdom. Through dance, visual art, and collaboration with local creatives Leocaria and Kofi explore the ways in which Indonesian, West African, Dutch, and Caribbean (hi)stories ebb and flow into one another.

La Sirene is the latest project by visual artist and curator Richard Kofi and choreographer and dancer Junadry Leocaria. With water as its central theme, they are looking for dancers, performers and visual artists of various styles and backgrounds who are willing to merge their own styles with that of Richard and Junadry. The dance production will be performed from February 6th to February 8th, 2023, while the exhibition will be on display at Erasmus Huis until May 14th, 2023.

Among the talented dancers gracing the stage are Brisbania Ayu Saraswati Bhakti, Danu Anggada Bimantara, Kathrine Permatasari, Kezia Alyssa Sandy, Mimi Korompis, Rajendra Amira Leila S, Shakira Diva Dovendra Maretazanetti, and Vito Prasasta Adipurwanto. The amazing artists of the exhibition are Tiara Alifa Putri Pratomoaji, Liesna Sri Subianto, Tisonbaim, Jesus Cedeno and Kelvin Djunadi.

La Sirène is a celebration of diversity and cultural exchange, bringing together artists from various parts of the world to display their talents and perspectives. This performance is a testament to the power of art in unifying people and exploring universal themes that transcend cultural boundaries.


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