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Museum of Black Futures pt. 2 (2023/2024)

The Netherlands will soon get a mew museum of Black art, culture, science and innovation: The Museum of Black Futures.

Something needs to change in Gelderland's cultural landscape. Disagreements about the maintenance and direction of the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal led to the closure of the institute. A group of Afro-Europeans has now decided to take matters into their own hands by initiating a new museum project. They will discuss this on October 20.

In a varied program of performances and conversations we show a multitude of Black perspectives on future museology. Each presentation stimulates the imagination and asks what the term 'museum' actually means in 2024. Does it have a future? What does it mean to center Blackness in a European institution? Can a strong connection be made with our communities in Africa, the Caribbean and South America? And how do you collect a collection of the future?


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