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Krusada (2022)

Events in the exhibition (free entrance):Saturday October 8, 2-6 PM: Richard drawing, film screeningsSaturday October 15, 2-6 PM: Performance Junadry, film screeningsSaturday October 22, 2-6 PM: Performance Richard, film screenings

From August to October Richard Kofi and his partner Junadry Leocariastay as guest artists at Bureau Postjesweg. They are working on new research. Presentations take place in October, including their earlier work. From drawing (Richard) to performance (Junadry) and screenings of the films Imprenta and Drapetomania they developed together. These artistic explorations are part of a larger investigation, in which they delve into the (afro)futuristic concept of Astro-Blackness. In doing so, Black consciousness is not only based on the relationship to whiteness and Eurocentrism, but also looks for a Black position in relation to nature, the cosmos, mythology, technology and science.Richard was the city artist for Amsterdam in 2021. His drawings of people and street scenes outside the city center were published in daily paper Het Parool. Also recently completed is his mural on the building of Residential Care Center De Boeg, Hoofdweg 495.


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