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#Killmongertheinstitute (2018)

As part of the WinterLab programme of the ArtEZ Art Academy in Zwolle I developed the workshop #KillmongerTheInstitute. This two week long series of presentations and assignments uses the political frameworks of the Marvel Studio's blockbuster Black Panther as a conversation starter. Thought personal reflections and group discussions students explore their own voice, individuality, signature and message as an artist. How did their time at the academy (/institute) change them as an artist and as a person? Has the academy ever taken anything from them? What has the academy given them? Do they agree with what the academy is turning them in to? And if something has been taken, is it possible to reclaim what was lost?

The workshop helps to map out their personal development, qualities and insecurities through a decolonial approach of learning from each others past experiences, critically evaluating the impact of the institute and imagining future challenges.

The trajectory ends with the making of a group exhibit, with a storyline in which everyone is represented and everyone owns their own style, perspective and subject matter.


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