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Becoming (2021)

BECOMING is an exhibition that explores how materials and identities become.

Dough communicates with an intricate, intimate, and intelligent softness. Even when it hardens, it still keeps a soft underbelly. Clay on the other hand is like a cat. You can only work with it when it lets you and it will only be soft for an instance. So we decided to marry the two and see what will become of them?

Through this exhibition, we have also looked at the concept of becoming from an identity perspective. Thus becoming complex. We have invited, Iriée Zamble, Richard Kofi, and Kenneth Aidoo to look at the fridges of the oeuvre and pull from works that haven't been exhibited before. So doing, we will increase the diversity of their artworks that are visible to the public. This also made the curatorial process conversational. There was no pointing and pulling by the curator; the curator provided space for artists to throw smoke at their simplified public identities. Taking the concept of single stories and throwing at those who seek to create them. Be complex, diverse, and BECOME!

Curator: Musoke Babra Nalwoga

Location: Motormond


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