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Mi Pret'i Wowo (2024)

Mi Pret’i Wowo is an interdisciplinary rhythmic exploration of connection and healing. This duet, performed by choreographer Junadry Leocaria and her father, former professional dancer Junny Candido Maduro, delves into the complexities of their relationship.

Blending Afro-Caribbean dance styles, Latin, Waacking, and live visual storytelling, this performance highlights the intricate bond between father and daughter. It reveals the vulnerable side of a proud man yearning for forgiveness, compassion, and love from his daughter.

I'm contributing too. Through film, live drawings, and storytelling, I bring to life a rich history of dance traditions and cultures passed down through generations.

Mi Pret’i Wowo invites you into a world where collective healing takes center stage, where vulnerabilities are embraced, and where there is space for new narratives to unfold.

  • October 5th and 6th - Maastricht - Nederlandse Dansdagen

  • October 11th - Amsterdam - Podium Mozaiek

  • October 18th - The Hague - Korzo Theater

  • October 21st - Arnhem - Theater aan de Rijn

  • October 26th - Rotterdam - Theater Rotterdam

For tickets and info check:


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