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Pidgin Imaginarium (2019)

Pidgin imaginarium exists within other imaginaria and remains a place of refuge, possibility, experimentation and critical insights to overthrow the exploitative hierarchy of the hegemon-led world system. Centuries of resistance has produced this elusive imaginarium for a new world, a fresh start for people on the margins. Pidgin is a time capsule, a time travelling memory repository and a metaphysical extension of many other lifeworlds of creation and exchange. The pidgin imaginarium is a vortex of liberation methods accessible to all. It is a force functioning within other pidgin technologies and translated throughout the autonomous under-land.

Pidgin imaginarium seeks no form of control or dominance. It is constantly re-birthing and mutating across geographies. It is the driving force of all liberation technology for communities on the margins and a source of solidarity. This imaginarium is our bridge into the new world we are building. We have taken up the responsibility of our collective dreams of liberation. We are our own liberators.

How do we build communities and methods of resistance, around communal labor and aid? How do we liberate our communities from exclusionary social relations and the State? How do we hold up our dreams in a fascist, exploitative, capitalist world?

Curator: Hakeem Adam

I participated by representing our collaborative art project C'est l'epoch, featuring Elisabetta Agyeiwaa, Planet Airich, Naomie Pieter, Ernest Cisse, Dyonna Benet, Jivika Biervliet, Beylula Yosef, Naomie Bierslager and many more.


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