"When I was young my father made sure I looked good. He told me that if people were to call me a
dirty 'n word', and I knew I wasn't dirty, they had to be racists. They were the enemy .” The
paintings, drawings and exhibitions I make are about forgotten Afrocentric histories , memories
and colonial heritage. Most of these things disappeared in museum depots and colonial
archives . They live on in folklore, folktales and in spirit. With my work I aim to reactivates them, to
give them an improved embodiment and a new voice. This time I turned one of my drawings into
a symbol of activism. Together with Elisabetta Agyeiwaa and Planet AiRich I met up with
activists in my barbershop, to discuss the current state of the African heritage that was stolen in
colonial times. During the gathering we created a small artistic resistance movement protesting
colonial and Eurocentric mentality of the European institutions. We are against these
colonial institutes and we support the return of the heritage of our ancestors.