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During my residency at contemporary art platform Derde Wal in Nijmegen I developed a new concept called C'est l'Epoch about activism, African heritage and the importance of barbershops. The Nigerian photographer Andrew Esiebo calls West African barbershops "public intimate spaces". Customers and barbers exchange personal stories about work, relationships and politics. In post-slavery Jim Crow America barbershops and beautysalons were the first industries that allowed Black people to become entrepreneurs. This enabled barbers to financially support their community. My latest series C'est l'époch in collab with Eisabetta Agyeiwaa, Fana Richters (Planet Airich) and poet Rohan Ayinde revolves around the barbershop Eagle Hair Design that has been an afrocentric public intimate space in my hometown Arnhem for almost 14 years. The first installment of this show was on show at Rozet Arnhem in cooperation with Museum Arnhem. 

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